From concept to completion, re-formulation or private label products, our solution-based approach is the key to unlocking a whole new side of your business.



Are you ready to take your product line to the next level?

At AMK Formulations, we take pride in our ability to create a vast range of products, that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our products are Australian-made and have ingredients sourced from industry-leading providers, ensuring that your product is made exactly as you envisioned it.

We understand the importance of getting your product to market promptly. That’s why we offer an unbeatable speed of service and excellent communication at every stage of the service, with no compromise on your product’s quality.

Designed for large-scale businesses, we offer a minimum order quantity of 3,000 units.




Cover all the steps to elevating your brand with our Brand Consultants.

Our private label service matches your goals with an ideal formulation. This service includes research and development, formulation, packaging selection, graphic design, testing, manufacturing, filling and shipping.

We will create your unique product line, customised to your exact specifications.



When you’re ready to manufacture your product in bulk and share it worldwide, we’ve got you.

We are equipped with an industry-leading facility that has the ability to manufacture a high volume of products at a fast rate, whilst maintaining the integrity and quality of each batch.

With a minimum order quantity of 3,000 units, there’s no task we can’t handle.

Manufacturing in bulk doesn’t need to be daunting when you have our human-centric approach on your side.



Are you at the ideas stage, but need more guidance to accelerate your business?

Our expert Brand Consultants have in-depth knowledge and research capabilities to advise you of the perfect formula, ensuring that your product is of the highest quality, safety and performance. 



If you’ve got a product, we can fill it.

AMK Formulations are equipped with a world-class facility, allowing our team to fill all products on-site here at the Gold Coast. We fill and seal most product packaging, and can also conduct bulk filling. 

We can fill a minimum of 3,000 units in tubes, bottles, jars and non-aerosol sprays.



Create a high-quality and safe formula that you know your consumers will love.

A lot of research and a wealth of experience goes into our service and the formula we develop for your product. You can rest-assured that it is of the highest quality and safety standards, with Australian-made ingredients.

We have produced many incredible formulas for some of Australia’s much-loved products, so let us do the same for you!



Products of the highest quality for every step of your consumer’s personal care routine.

From deodorants to every skincare product you could think of, we formulate the highest quality personal care products that your consumers will run back to time and time again. All of our formulations are backed heavily by research, and created from our extensive experience formulating well-loved and used personal care products. 



If there’s one thing consumers adore, it’s high-quality cosmetics.

We know exactly how to formulate a wide variety of cosmetic products for your business that are going to become an integral part of your consumer’s everyday makeup routine.

From foundation to mascara, we have perfected our cosmetic formulation to create the highest quality and safe cosmetic products every time.



We create high-quality hair care products that have incredible results, whilst maintaining hair health. From specialised hair treatments to beard oils, we formulate the highest quality hair care products with quality Australian ingredients that will maintain optimal hair health.

Our formulas are free from chemicals that will cause irritation and will ensure that hair stays healthy and hydrated.  



High-quality Australian Made cleaning products.

Choose from a wide range of ingredients for many different applications. We can help formulate a product ranging from gentle, organic and chemical-free cleaners to industrial-grade chemical cleaners.


An up-and-coming market with huge potential for your established business.

No expense is spared when people are caring for their furry little family members. Our services include everything from cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner to moisturisers. Talk to our formulation team about the latest trends in pet care formulations.


From our Lab Technicians to our Brand Consultants, our expert staff have 30+ years of experience and the knowledge to improve the efficacy of your products or design a formulation for a specific outcome. our agile, personal approach means that your large-scale business is in good hands.


We source only the highest quality, raw materials from local Australian suppliers. All products are also made, filled and packaged on the Gold Coast, making them proudly Australian Made. Even with a minimum order quantity of 3,000 units, we eliminate long lead times with our process.


Our team have vast experience working with the largest Australian & International formulation and pharmaceutical companies, while bringing the human connection to the industry. We are industry leaders in understanding ingredient profiles, product testing and quality control to ensure your product stands the test of time.

Learn Why Australia Cosmetic Brands Love AMK Formulations

Make the switch today to enjoy faster production with humans who are invested in helping you and solving your business needs.

From concept to completion, we are Australia's leading cosmetic manufacturer for large-scale businesses.


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